West covina dui lawyer

If you ever are either charged with or suspected of driving under the influence, you should be aware that it is a very serious crime, much more serious and complex than many people think it is.  Even though driving under the influence happens thousands of times each day, that doesn’t at all mean that it’s not taken seriously at the state and local level.  In all fifty states, the limit to the alcohol that can be in your bloodstream while driving is only 0.08%, so you don’t need to be fully intoxicated in order to be charged with driving under the influence.

Fortunately, hiring a good DUI lawyer means that your rights will be aggressively defended and you will receive guidance on how to navigate through the legal system.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to find an experienced DUI lawyer who has handled DUI cases during their career throughout the state of California and not just in West Covina.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • Not every single DUI case needs a lawyer considering that tens of thousands of cases occur daily.  Nonetheless, you should absolutely not discount the thought of hiring a DUI lawyer right off the bat.  There are some certain factors that you should be aware about that may want to make you reconsider hiring one.  For example, let’s say you have a history of driving under the influence.  Hiring a DUI lawyer may come in handy then.  Or even worse, maybe someone was seriously injured or even killed as a result of the accident.  Or maybe the job or career you currently have requires you to have a driver’s license, which is at risk of a temporary suspension if you are convicted of DUI.  These are just a few examples of where hiring a good DUI lawyer will be worth the money.

DUI Penalties

  • Driving under the influence is taken as a serious crime in the state of California, as well as in the entire United States, so subsequently the penalties are very harsh as well.  If this is your first time of being convicted of a DUI, the penalties won’t be as harsh for second and subsequent offenses, but you are still at risk of having your driver’s license suspended for four months, being sent to prison for six months, and paying fines and fees adding up to one thousand dollars.
  • As we have already mentioned, the penalties for the second and third convictions are quite harsher than for the first offense.  The fines and fees will be increased to no less than three thousand dollars, jail time can be increased up to a year, and your driver’s license suspension may also be increased up to a year.  This is why it is so important for you to hire a good DUI lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights and who clearly understands both sides of the law.


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