South gate dui lawyer

Driving under the influence cases occur thousands of times across our country on a literal day to day basis.  You may not think that it is that serious of a crime, but the reality is that it is.  In all fifty states, the limit to the amount of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream is only 0.08%, meaning intoxication is not enough to be convicted of a DUI.

If you are charged with or suspected of driving under the influence, you should know right away that you won’t need to hire a DUI lawyer in every single case.  After all, tens of thousands of these cases occur every day in our country, many of them in California and South Gate in particular.  Instead, you have to pay attention to the factors of your situation in order to determine if you need to hire a South Gate DUI lawyer.  Hiring any lawyer for any purpose is an extremely personal decision, and DUI is no exception.

The good news is that a good DUI lawyer will fight for your rights strongly and inform you of both sides of the law.  Hopefully, you’ll also be able to find an experienced lawyer who has worked on multiple DUI cases not just in South Gate but throughout the great state of California as well.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • If you have a history of driving under the influence or if anyone was killed or injured as a result of the accident are the two scenarios where hiring a DUI lawyer will be the most important thing you can do.  Other common scenarios people encounter where they need a DUI lawyer include having a job or career that requires them to have a driver’s license, which is at risk of being suspended for a definite amount of time if you are convicted, or if the fees and fines are too high for you to pay.

DUI Penalties

  • The penalties for DUI go beyond a simple fine or an increase in your insurance prices.  For the first DUI offense, you are at risk of potentially seeing your driver’s license be suspended for up to four months, being sent to prison for no more than six months, and paying fines and fees totaling more than a whopping one thousand dollars.  Depending on the circumstances of the situation, you could also find you might have to join a driving under the influence program for a specified amount of time.
  • The penalties for the second and third offense are much stricter than for the first offense.  The fines and fees will be at least tripled to no less than three thousand dollars, jail time can be doubled up to a year, your driver’s license suspension may also be extended up to a year, and you could also receive more time required to be spent in a specific driving under the influence program.


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