Santa clarita dui lawyer

Everyone knows that driving under the influence is a very serious crime, but very few know how complex and costly it can be.  That is why it’s a good idea to consult with a Santa Clarita DUI Lawyer in the event that you are involved or suspected of driving under the influence.  If you still don’t think that a DUI is that serious or complex of a crime, you may be surprised to hear that you aren’t required to be intoxicated in order to be guilty of drunk driving.  That’s right; instead, states check an individual’s blood alcohol limit, which currently is 0.08% in all fifty states.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • A good DUI lawyer will fight for your rights and know both sides of the law.  Chances are a good one will also have worked with cases not only in Santa Clarita but also throughout the entire state of California.  You may not need to spend the money on hiring a DUI lawyer in every single DUI scenario, but it’s certainly a good idea if you have a history of driving under the influence, if anyone was injured or even killed as a result of the DUI accident, or if the job you have currently requires that you have a driver’s license (for example, if you’re a delivery person or a truck driver).  If any of these things are involved, then you should hire a DUI lawyer without question.

DUI Penalties

  • The penalties for driving under the influence are strict and vary by state, and many factors are included when deciding what the penalties for a particular situation are.  For example, the age of the person and how much alcohol was in their blood system are all very important factors, including many of the things that we discussed above.
  • There are three different levels of offenses for driving under the influence: first, second, and subsequent. The penalties increase with each offense.  For example, some penalties with a first offense include suspension of one’s drivers license for at least four months, serving time in prison for no more than six, a fee of one thousand dollars, not including the legal, license reissue, and penalty fees, and a required specified period of time to be spent in a driving under the influence program.
  • For second and subsequent offenses, especially if they were committed within ten years after the first offense, will include more expensive fines of up to three thousand dollars (again, not including the additional fees and fines), a longer time of up to one year in jail and more required specified time to be spent in a driving under the influence program.  In addition, you may have your driver’s license suspended for up to one year instead of the four months, and the fee for having it reissued may be drastically increased as well.



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