Pasadena dui lawyer

Driving under the influence is both a serious and complicated crime that will require the best DUI lawyer that you can get in the event that you are involved in a DUI crime and either charged or suspected with DUI.  Having a good DUI lawyer is extremely important, but if you aren’t convinced yet, you might be after seeing what the penalties of driving under the influence are.

DUI Penalties

  • If you are found to have alcohol levels of greater than 0.08% in your bloodstream while driving, then you can be charged with driving under the influence.  There are three different levels for driving under the influence: first, secondary, and subsequent offenses.  In order for you to be charged with a secondary or a subsequent offense, you will have to have had a DUI within the last ten years.
  • The penalties for a first DUI offense includes paying fines of no less than one thousand dollars, having your license suspended for no less than four months, serving up to six months in prison, and being required to join a driving under the influence program for a specified amount of time.
  • A second or subsequent DUI offense is much harsher than the first offense.  You may have to serve time in prison of up to one year, your driver’s license may have an extended suspension of up to one year, your fines will be increased to no less than three thousand dollars total, and your specified time to be spent in a driving under the influence program will also be increased.

When You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • The penalties for driving under the influence are much harsher than many people think, and the legal complexities surrounding it require a good DUI lawyer for many causes.  Driving under the influence happens on a day to day basis, but that doesn’t mean that hiring a good DUI lawyer is a good idea.
  • A good DUI lawyer will know both sides of the law and defend your rights aggressively from much experience working not only in the city of Pasadena but also throughout the entire state of California.  Since the decision of hiring a DUI lawyer is completely personal, it’s ultimately up to you, but there are still some considerations you should keep in mind.
  • For example, if you have a history of DUI or if anyone was injured or killed as a result of the accident, you should absolutely hire a good DUI lawyer without question.  In addition, maybe your job requires that you have a driver’s license (like a truck driver, a delivery person, etc).  Having a good DUI lawyer may come in handy if they can protect your right to keep your driver’s license.  You may also want to seek out a DUI lawyer if you are unable to pay the fines and fees that are associated with the penalties.


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