Palmdale dui lawyer

Despite being a very serious crime, many people either do not taking driving under the influence very seriously or know how complex it can be.  For example, it’s not as simple as being drunk and causing an accident as a result.  You don’t even have to be intoxicated to be convicted of driving under the influence!  As long as you are found with more alcohol in your blood stream than the limit of 0.08%, you can be convicted of driving under the influence.  But, you also may not be guilty of all the strict penalties and fines as well, which is why hiring a good DUI lawyer is vitally important.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • Making the decision to hire a DUI lawyer is a personal choice, but you should always hire one without question if you have been convicted of a DUI before, if your job or career requires that you have a driver’s license, if you are unable to afford the fines, or if anyone was injured or killed as a result of the accident.  You should also make sure that you hire a good DUI lawyer, preferably one who has handled cases not only in the city of Palmdale but also throughout the entire state of California.  A good DUI lawyer will know both sides of the law and fight very aggressively for your rights.  Since the consequences of a DUI can have a lifetime effect on you, choosing a good DUI lawyer is important.

DUI Penalties

  • There are three different levels of offenses for a DUI in California: first, second, and subsequent.  Penalties and fees for the first offense include a fine of no less than one thousand dollars at the minimum, not including legal, penalty and reissue fees, no more than six months in jail, and being forced to go into a driving under the influence program for a specified amount of time.  Of course, there are different factors involved depending on each particular case.  The age of the person, whether or not anyone was injured or killed as a result of the accident, a person’s history of driving under the influence, and especially if the alcohol in their bloodstream pushed the 0.08% will all receive very special attention in any case.
  • The penalties for the second and subsequent offenses are much greater than for the first offense, including an extended suspension of the suspect’s driver’s license for up to one year, fines totally no less than three thousand dollars, prison time of no less than one year, and an increased amount of specified time to be spent in a driving under the influence program.  In order for an offense to be considered a second or subsequent offense, it must occur within ten years after the last offense, at least in the majority of cases.  Having a good DUI lawyer to navigate you through the legal process of driving under the influence is absolutely essential.


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