Norwalk dui lawyer

Hiring a good and hopefully experienced Norwalk DUI lawyer who has worked not just in Norwalk but also throughout the entire state of California will defend your rights if you ever are either charged with or suspected of a DUI.  A very serious crime across the entire country, driving under the influence happens thousands of times each day, many of those times in the great state of California.  Not every single DUI case requires a lawyer, but a DUI crime is still more harsh and complex than many people suspect.  For example, did you know that all fifty states only require you to have a limit of 0.08% of alcohol in your bloodstream in order to be convicted of driving under the influence?  In other words, it’s not required for you to be completely intoxicated in order to be convicted of driving under the influence.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • Even though we’ve established that not each and every DUI case needs a lawyer, which still doesn’t mean that you should discount the thought of hiring one right away.  Every DUI case is different and the factors of the people involved and what happened in each one are different.  You may have a history of DUI or people could have been killed or injured as a result of the accident.  In those scenarios, you’ll need a good DUI lawyer who understands both sides of the law to help you navigate through the legal system to defend your rights.  Another common scenario where people spend the money to hire DUI lawyers is if their job or career requires them to have a driver’s license, since without a license they would be unable to provide for themselves and/or for their family.

DUI Penalties

  • Driving under the influence is taken very seriously throughout the United States and the penalties for it are quite harsh as well.  If this is your first offense of DUI, you are at a very serious risk of having your driver’s license suspended for no less than four months, being sent to prison for six months, and/or paying fines and fees that will eventually add up to no less than one thousand dollars.  In addition, you also might be required to join a driving under the influence program for a specified amount of time to be set by the court.
  • The penalties for the second and subsequent offense(s) are much harsher than for the first offense.  The fines and fees, when added up, will amount to no less than three thousand dollars, time can be increased to a year to be spent in jail, your driver’s license suspension may also be increased up to a year, and you’ll also receive an increased required amount of time to be spent in a specified driving under the influence program.  Hiring a good DUI lawyer will aggressively defend these rights for you.


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