Long beach dui lawyer

In every state in the country, drunk driving is a very serious crime.  California and Long Beach in particular, is no exception.  But surprisingly enough, you don’t always need to be intoxicated with alcohol in order to be guilty of driving under the influence, as required by law.  Instead, most states will look at your blood alcohol limit (which is currently 0.08% in all states) and then determine if you were impaired enough to drive.

If you have found yourself either convicted or suspected of driving under the influence, then you may want to consider hiring a DUI lawyer.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

  • If you already have several DUI’s or if anyone was injured or killed as a result then you will definitely want to hire a DUI lawyer.  Chances are you will be facing either jail time or a very heavy fine that you might not be able to afford.  A DUI lawyer will fight for your rights, but many people don’t know or understand what their rights are.  Lastly, you may be in a career where you drive for a living.  You could be a truck driver, a delivery person, etc.  If your license is suspended as a result of DUI, your entire finances, career and future for that matter is in jeopardy.  The consequences of a DUI could have a lifetime effect on you, so you will definitely want all of the expert advice that you can get.  Lastly, if you have been convicted of a DUI before, you will definitely want to seek out a DUI lawyer.

DUI Penalties

  • The penalties for driving under the influence vary by state, sometimes vary substantially.  The age of a person, how much alcohol was in their blood, previous DUI arrests, death and injury all play a vital role in determining the penalties.
  • In California, there are penalties for the first, second, and subsequent offenses.  Penalties for the first offense will usually include a suspension of the suspect’s driver’s license immediately for at least four months, half a year in jail, and a minimum fee of one thousand dollars.  That one fee does not include the legal fees and penalty fees, not to mention the fee you’ll eventually have to pay to get your driver’s license reissued to you.  Lastly, you may be forced to embark on a driving under the influence program, with the amount of time you need to serve under this program being determined by the court.
  • As you may have guessed, the second and subsequent offenses will result in greater penalties.  For example, your license can be suspended for up to one year; you can face a longer amount of time in jail, and pay more expensive fines.  Plus, you’ll also have to serve an increased amount of time under a DUI program.  If you want to avoid as much of these penalties as possible, seeking a DUI lawyer to fight for your rights will definitely help.


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